ASTM Academy 

ASTM Academy is India’s first online education platform for Security Professionals which includes Electronic Security & Cyber Security.

COVID-19 pandemic has changed education and learning process forever, online learning has proved to increase retention of information, and takes less time, connotation the changes coronavirus have caused might be here to stay for good reasons. With this sudden shift away from the classroom to online classes in many parts of the globe, “ASTM - ‘Institute of Advanced Security Training & Management Pvt. Ltd.” in strategic partnership with “ThinkAI” - AI &IoT Powered Safety & Security Solution provider launched online Security Training platform called “ASTM Academy”.

ASTM has a legacy of training security professionals, with experience of approx. 2 decades and a team of Security veterans such as Ex-Services Officers and Law Enforcement Officials. ASTM has successfully trained more than 52,000 security professionals.  With its focused approach, ASTM became one of the most preferred Security Training Institutes across India.

Why us?

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First-of-its-kind training institute in the fields of security, safety and fire protection.

Applications Oriented Courses

Courses are designed to impart applications-oriented knowledge and skills for targeted job outcomes and value-added professional enrichment.

Constant Comunication

Training programs can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and are structured into a convenient module. Highly process-oriented to ensure quality, consistency, and integrity in its operations right from trainees mobilization, selection of trainers, training delivery and pedagogy to assessment, certification, and placement assistance.

Placement Facilitation

ThinkAI Academy’s effective networking with corporate and top-notch security agencies strongly supports it’s placement facilitation activities for the students. Some of our certified students have also been employed successfully in the Middle East.



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Awesome lesson

This is the first time when I've been really enjoying a Test prep class. Clear and not overloaded by odd information text spiced by funny jokes creates a really warm atmosphere for learning. I truly believe this is the perfect way for training guys like me - who enjoy the process and values it not less than the actual results of studying.


Awesome lesson

Great intro to math shortcuts. Picked up a lot of concepts and done in a great format. Also, looking forward to seeing a lot more courses.



I am so pleased I signed up for this course and stuck with it. The way the subject was explained and presented made it so clear. The course gave me a clear guide to the basics which had previously left me rather uncertain and confused. This was achieved with a careful step by step approach with excellent clear guidance.


Awesome lesson

This has been the best way to learn math concepts ever. 100% recommended. Worth paying for it!



I was quite impressed with the tutor and the novel approach to introducing math concepts. The lesson quizzes and mock tests were just enough to reinforce the concepts.


Truly delightfull

Good course, very useful techniques, nice flow. It helped me understand the basics concepts. I was not familiar with lot of concepts before. But now I have a better vision and deeper understanding. I recommend this course for anybody who wants crack exams. It's a really great starting point.

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